Susan Berlin is an incredibly experienced and skilled therapist who specializes in the complex treatment of addiction. Ms. Berlin is the developer of the Capital Networking Group and its listserv. Ms. Berlin is instrumental in bringing mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals together through the Capital Networking Group. It provides resources to support professionals in determining the best options for treatment. It is an incredible resource that treatment providers may access to locate the programs and providers that best fit the needs of their clients. Ms. Berlin is the primary moderator for the listserv and ensures it runs in a professional manner. Ms. Berlin takes her responsibility to all the members very seriously.

Ms. Berlin is extremely knowledgeable in the addiction field, both as a therapist and as a resource for other treatment professionals. Ms. Berlin’s enthusiasm for her work for the Capital Networking Group and her passion for collaboration have been an incredible asset for the treatment community in the Washington DC region, as well as on the national level. Susan is delightful to work with and committed to providing people with the best treatment opportunities available.

Denise Tordella

As an independent Recovery Coach, I work with a wide variety of clinicians and presenting issues and have found CNG critical to our client’s successes.

Susan and company have done a terrific job of building a huge resource for both large institutions and small providers like me.

Now, that CNG has gotten so large in breadth and so deep in its variety of providers and skill sets I’d feel remiss if I didn’t ask for help and referrals in such a rich environment.

Please keep up the good works,

Mark Servatius
Recovery Coach & Trainer

The Capital Networking Group and the CNG Listserv have been invaluable resources for me as a professional in the field, for our staff as a whole at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, and in turn, for dozens if not hundreds of individuals and families in need of different mental health and addiction services. Since before our facility opened it’s doors, the CNG provided an important platform for our leadership and staff to network and form professional relationships with colleagues that would continue to this day. Additionally, the listserv has been an incredible tool for myself and our staff to connect with specialty facilities and individual practitioners in order to make trusted, clinically appropriate referrals. I can’t thank Susan enough for all her work regarding the Capital Networking Group. It has created an incredible atmosphere of collaboration in the local DMV area and even nationwide and so many people have benefitted from it.

Zach Snitzer
Director of Business Development
Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Being a part of the CNG Listserv community has been beneficial to me on a couple levels. I have enrolled young adults in my transitional living programs as a result of networking through the Listserv. I have also been able to provide information to families by posting the specific need on the Listserv and receiving great recommendations from the group.

Angie Shockley, MA, CSP
Q&A Associates Mindfully Aware, LLC Double S Stables Saddles & Smiles

I find this Listserv to be extremely helpful in getting referrals in the community for patients getting out of treatment at Caron. I’ve received a lot of good suggestions. Since I’m new to the industry, it has been very useful in getting to know the professionals in the area.

Meg Cleary Weinshenker
Regional Resource Director DC/VA
Caron Treatment Centers

In a rapidly growing field, it’s not always easy to know which are the best places to send my patients. As Susan always says, there are more than enough clients for us to share… the CNG has been instrumental in helping me connect my patients with the best possible services to meet their individual needs.

Chief Clinical Officer/VP of Operations
Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers

I am honored to have met and connected with Susan Berlin. She has now become a colleague and friend. Susan is a wealth of information about addiction treatment centers and providers. She has put together a wonderful community of those in the addiction field, through the Capital Networking Group, which continues to be a great resource for clinicians. Susan leads this group and the listserv in a way that helps us feel respected with clear boundaries and not clogging up our inboxes! I am so appreciative for all of the work Susan has done to make this community and how she generously has shared it with all of us.

Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT
Clinical Director
Brickel and Associates, LLC

Thank you so much Susan Berlin for creating The Capital Networking Group, one of the first and best for behavioral health professionals. CNG is not just a fabulous resource, but an inspiration for all of us to work together to best serve those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

Kate Black
Community Outreach Professional
Futures of Palm Beach