CNG’s May and June Virtual Luncheons

This May and June, CNG did their first ever virtual luncheon events. We held it on the first Friday in May and in June and we had over 40 people attend each time.

The events went so well and were great fun. We started with everyone in one big group and did a very quick self-intro. Then with the wizardry of Shayna Daghigh, we went into 3 breakout rooms, one run by each of us, Shayna, Shannon Harris and Myself.

The breakout rooms were lovely. We got to hangout with each other, talk, laugh, process and know each other better.

My groups talked a lot about COVID and what that’s been like. One of the interesting things that came out of our group is that for marketers, these virtual events are really great because they don’t involve travel and you get to interact with lot’s more people.

I really enjoyed the small group experiences, being the therapist that I am and loving process, I always prefer to be in close contact and talking in depth with folks about what’s going on with them.

We are skipping the July date, since it’s the Holiday weekend, but plan to resume in August. We have no idea when we expect to be in person again, which is true for so many things right now, but you can be sure that we will meet in one fashion or another on Friday August 7th, 2020.

I do hope that you all are well and staying safe.
I look forward to seeing all of your many faces in August.

All the best,
Susan Berlin
CNG Founder & Listserv Moderator

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