The Listserv

The Capital Networking Group is a collaboration of professionals nationwide, working together to help those suffering with mental health, substance abuse and addiction issues.


Monthly Luncheon

The Capital Networking Group provides wonderful opportunities to connect and network with local and national behavior health treatment providers.


Our Values

We believe in working together in an ethical and unbiased manner to help our clients and patients receive the best care they can get.

Listserv Guidelines/Join the Listserv

Better serve our patients. Help with resources. Exchange information.

The Capital Networking Group Listserv began on December 10, 2010 with a few names of professionals who wanted to keep connection with each other. Today, the listserv has over hundreds of members and is growing strong.


Monthly Luncheon

Invaluable Exposure. Inexpensive Advertising. Networking Opportunities.

If you want to “spread the word” about the kind of work you do; explore available resources; understand how others might help you in your practice; and look for collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships, this event delivers the way to do it all.

Our Team

Susan Berlin
Shayna Daghigh
Shannon Harris


CNG February 7th, 2020 Luncheon

What a great luncheon we had today. Our sponsors were Craig James and Angie Harris from Insight Into Action Therapy. They gave us a nice presentation. We had 30 wonderful…
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CNG party invite

Holiday 9Year Anniversary Party

You are invited to the Capital Networking Group New Year’s Extravaganza! With your hostesses Susan Berlin, Shannon Harris and Shayna Daghigh. This event is free to attend thanks to our…
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CNG Logo


I wanted to take a moment and give some well deserved credit to Shannon Harris for designing the new CNG logo. I loved this logo so much that we are…
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